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WINGS is a young organisation dedicated to increasing awareness of autism spectrum disorders and advocating for the needs of individuals with autism and their families.
We are proud of what we've been able to accomplish so far and look forward to your continued support to achieve greater milestones in the years ahead.    

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Satish Pradhan Dnyanasadhana College Thane
Anand Vishwa Gurukul Thane

Garud & Associates, Nashik 

Mrs. Sushma Bhosale - Teacher

Mrs. Rutuja Despande - Yoga Teacher

Mrs. Vandana Pawar - Creative Arts Teacher

Mrs. Kavita Mokashi - Psychologist

Mrs. Sangeeta Rajpathak - Therapist

Mrs. Anjana Devasthali - Horticulture Therapist

Mr. Ravi Sawant - Assistan​t 

​​"The children with autism or any other mental disabilities are generally accommodated in the special schools up to the age of 18. However these children have the potential of doing jobs which suit their diverse skill sets and thereby become self reliant. This is what we wish to achieve at WINGS.

Even though we have come past the global recession,  jobs are harder to find even for graduates. In such circumstances, to absorb these children in job work is a tough task. Institutions like WINGS thus are the need of the time."

- Dr. Mrs. Vidya Lonkar & Dr. Mrs Vidya Hedau

All donations to WINGS vocational centre are tax exempt under 80G.

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