Tree plantation drive by WINGS students in Yeour

Students engage in planting tree saplings in the neighborhood to raise awareness and importance of planting and savings trees. It requires delicate handling of samplings and a lot of hard work to plant, water and add manure to them.

Recently, the WINGS students did a small tree plantation drive and planted various small saplings near Yeour hills in Thane

Students have also created a small garden near the center. They grow different fruits and vegetables all around the year and enjoy their fruits of labour by relishing on home grown food.

Horticulture Therapy


The day begins with an hour long yoga session. The 'OM' chanting produces the right resonating sound and the perfect atmosphere to begin a fresh day.

‚ÄčAs a part of their daily jobwork, students perform packaging work. It requires delicate handling and specific quality standards to be followed.


A few students are adept at computer typing with a brilliant accuracy. This has given WINGS the confidence to undertake data entry assignments.

Computer Training