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WINGS Vocational Centre
We Initiate to nurture greater self esteem

All donations to WINGS vocational centre are tax exempt under 80G.

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WINGS Vocational Centre
C/O Dr. Mrs. Vidya Lonkar,
16, Jeevan Prem Society,
Near Parmarth Niketan,
Thane, Maharashtra, India


Phone: +91 9833503878


About Us ...

The word ‘Autism’ is no longer a strange word. It means to be self absorbed, having to do very little with the outside world. Autism could be from birth or develop later. Today there are approximately 80,000 autistic children in Mumbai and about 80 lakh (8 million) in India.

Autistic children are sometimes denied admissions in a regular school due to unavailability of trained teachers. Moreover the real problem emerges when they complete 18 years of age. There is a dearth of training centers or vocational centers to equip them with the right job skills and make them self reliant and the need of the hour is to teach them in a disciplined manner.

Autistic children have diverse potentialities. At WINGS, we wish to tap their unique skills and bestow them with opportunities that could help them break out of their shell and lead an independent life.

WINGS is a vocational centre located centrally in the city of Thane wherein autistic, slow learners and other mentally challenged are taught and trained in various valuable skills. We try to bring these children together and foster their learning with a conducive environment, right facilities and most importantly qualified teachers.

Running an institution like WINGS is an extremely tough job. It requires ample working space for the center and getting job orders on regular basis. The centre is making effort to realize its goals with the aid of like minded people. Our hope is to eventually bring them into the main stream and help them lead a independent life.